IMG_1034This image has some post processing used to take the “color” out of it.

The result is a very high contrast image with lots of “grain” The reality is that thbis is NOISE due to a long exposure.

Note the Trees are white (whitish) This is one of the things that IR does. It turns green into white. so grass is white.

I will show you some other images that show this effect better.

At the moment I am searching for an app that will let me shoot the IR images in Black and White insted of color. The color image ends up with a purple cast to it. Strange because the filter infront of the VERY TINY iPhone lens is the deepest red you can find. it is so red that held up to the brightest light you can barely see through it. I find it amazing that the iPhone (and many digital cameras) see through the 87 or 88 filters just fine. The camera also adjusts the exposure using the automatic formula it is used to the result tends to create a noisy image, this becomes even more aparent with post processing like in the image here.

Since the exposure is so long (don’t ask me how long because I have no idea what so ever) the iPhone is a full auto camera maybe the exposure information is in the exif data. I will have a look. it is important to hold the camera still or place it on a non moving surface….


IR image


the white grass

OK I hope this Image is visible.

The picture above shot with an iPhone used a Harrison and Harrison 87 filter which I uses a silly putty like substance to hold the IR filter to the iPhone.

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